Special Appearances

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Holistic Progressions - "The Gift of Knowledge"

Voices of Courage - "When They Said I Couldn't"

Life Radio Show - "If It's Bleeding Plug It"

Screaming Chuy Show - Episode 106 - Ciphered Knowledge with Chrissy

Stuck in My Mind - Ep 72 - Ciphered Knowledge

Stuck in My Mind - Real Wize Radio Launch Live Special

Stuck in My Mind - New Year, New Flex, 2021

Talk 2 Q Radio - How to Prepare for Dating

Talk 2 Q Radio - Being Bitter Ruins Relationships

The Lion's Den with Seth - Your Big Break Through with Chrissy

Talk 2 Q Radio - What Happened to Responsible Sex?

Adventures of the Albino Rhino - Chrissy Cipher Ain't Worried About No Groundhog