Meet Chrissy

A hospice nurse by profession, instinctively my passion and purpose has always been to nurture and help people. Creating this podcast was a natural progression. As far back as I can remember I was always on a quest to know more. Anything I found interest in I did my due diligence to learn more about it. As I got older I began to discover not everyone was like me and when I came across someone seeking information I had, I would become excited to share it with them. This is the whole premise of my show, “Ciphered Knowledge with Chrissy,” I want to provide my viewers with information and education about various subject matters. I also want to engage my viewers, to share in their experiences and insight. Some people have access to a wealth of knowledge while others may not, so my goal is to be a force that helps bridge the gap. My saying has always been, “If all you’ve experienced is all you know, you are in a deficit of knowledge!” ~Chrissy